Dick Evers is an artist, cultural entrepreneur, and action painter, Feng Shui’er and more.

Already during the art academy (Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven, Academy Art & Industry Enschede) he made art. They were his turbulent, rebellious years, nothing was taken for granted and everything was questioned. Dick Evers is an image maker. He likes a strong design and he knows what materials do. Since 2018, Dick has exhibited in his own Galerie de Puddingfabriek in the heart of Venlo, together with fellow artists. His art is dynamic, colorful, seductive, not cramped but generous. Behind his impressive, black, spectacled appearance is a friendly, approachable, good-humored, vegetarian, ‘adorable rebel’, who makes easy contact, likes to collaborate with others and allows others to succeed.

Opposite and fierce if he encounters injustice.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact him.