DICX Atelier Sint Gregor in Steyl-Venlo

In 2021 there will be an exhibition of our Stations of the Cross in the Schutterij Museum in Steyl NL.

Limburgs Schutterij Museum, Rozenstraat 18, 5935 AN Steyl NL

Send an email dickevers@dickevers.com if you would like to visit us.

Dick Evers has been studying the image of the Passion, the person of Jesus Christ (son of God) and the Stations of the Cross for years. For this, he stays a few times a year in a monastery, in particular in Monastère de Chevetogne (B) and Abbey Sint-Benedictusberg in Vaals (NL). His goal is to create a contemporary Way of the Cross. He works in the chapel of Sint Gregor in Steyl-Venlo.

Atelier DICX Kapel St.Gregor
Veerweg 24d, 5935 BL Steyl, Nederland

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DICX de Puddingfabriek

Galerie de Puddingfabriek is closed on January 1, 2020.
Galerie de Puddingfabriek was located in the heart of Venlo’s city center. It’s part of a beautifully renovated 15th century monument, owned by the Pasch Brothers.
Here international artists exhibit contemporary art, selected by artist, curator, owner/ entrepeneur and Feng Shui adept Dick Evers.
Galerie de Puddingfabriek
Houtstraat 9 – 11 – NL  5911 JB Venlo