1973 – 1979 industrial designer / interior architect, BENCH BV
1979 – 2009 founder / owner Dick Evers design team BV, Venlo
1986 – 2018 teacher ZUYD Hogeschool, Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht
1993 – 2001 partner Dean Hilborne & Dick Evers Architectural Design, Maastricht / Venlo
1993 – vegetarian
1994 – studying and practicing ‘Feng Shui’, Venlo
1995 – 2009 partner CH’I Company, Rosrath (D) / Venlo
1998 – cooperation partner office JOI, Hamburg (D)
1999 – Cup / Evers, feng shui art factory, Baarlo / Venlo
2000 – 2003 teacher OE Academy, Tilburg
2000 – DICX art based on Yves Klein, Venlo
2003 – 2009 co-owner Transfer BV, Venlo
2006 – 2010 co-owner Koekoek BV, Venlo
2009 – Dick Evers bv Feng Shui Coaching, Venlo
2014 – WildArt, Venlo
2018 – 2019 Gallery owner of Galerie de Puddingfabriek, Venlo

2019 Р Atelier Kapel St.Gregor DICX, Steyl

Dick Evers
(Roermond, 1952)
Artist and Feng Shui expert
Dick trained at the art academy (Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven, Academy of Art & Industry Enschede). These were his turbulent, rebellious years, nothing was taken for granted and everything was questioned. Dick Evers is an image-maker. He loves strong design and knows what materials do. His art is dynamic, colourful, seductive, not frenetic but generous. Behind his impressive, black, bespectacled appearance is a friendly, approachable, good-humoured, vegetarian, ‘rebel’, who connects easily, enjoys working with others and allowing others to succeed.
Defiant and fierce when he encounters injustice.

He is currently working in his studio chapel St.Gregor in Steyl-Venlo.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact him.


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