Way of the Cross 

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We are excited to invite you to explore the DICX Way of the Cross,

a powerful book that takes you on a reflective journey through the 15 Stations of the Cross.

Order your copy today and experience the power of the cross in a whole new way:





April 3 2021 Preview in the St.Gerlachuskerk Houthem NL (cancelled)

Sint Rochuskerk Steyl (NL)
Foto: Adriaan de Roode

June 12 till August 29 2021 Exhibition of our Way of the Cross in the Sint-Rochuskerk in Steyl NL

Kruisweg in St.Gregor Steyl (NL)
Foto: Lé Giesen

September 5 2021 Exibition Way of the Cross in our DICX Atelier St.Gregor in Steyl NL.

Kruisweg in Veghel (NL)
Foto: Léon Vrijdag

September 11 to September 26 2021 Exhibition of our Way of the Cross in the St.Lambertus church, Veghel NL.


Sint Janskathedraal Den Bosch (NL)
Foto: Léon Vrijdag

March 2 to April 29 2022 Exhibition of the Way of the Cross in the St. Jan’s Cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL.

Glo’Art paviljoen 23 Foto: Michelle van Asperen

March 30 to April 18 2022 Exhibition of the Way of the Cross in the Arts Centre Glo’Art Lanaken B.

Heilige Geestkerk Doetinchem

April 14 to May 15 2022  Exhibition of the Way of the Cross in the Heilige Geestkerk Bilderdijkstraat 3, 7009 JL Doetinchem.

Dick Evers, Michelle van Asperen and Jacques Spee



February 23 to April 12 2023 Exhibition of the Stations of the Cross in

St Bavo Church Grote Markt 22 (north side) 2011 RD Haarlem.


March 29 to May 12 2023 Exhibition of the Stations of the Cross in

Sint-Gerlachuskerk Onderstestraat 1 6301 KM Houthem St. Gerlach


March 17 to April 21 2023 Exhibition of the Stations of the Cross in

Sint-Niklaaskerk Cataloniëstraat 9000 Gent (B)


June 21 to 09 September 2023 Exhibition of the Stations of the Cross in

Martinikerk, Oud Kerkhof, 8601 EE Sneek



14 February to 03 April 2024 Exhibition of the Way of the Cross in Xanten Cathedral


1 March Exhibition of the Way of the Cross in SIONSkerk, Zeist



Dick Evers has been studying the image of the Passion, the person of Jesus Christ and the Way of the Cross for years. For this, he stays several times a year in a monastery, notably in Monastère de Chevetogne (B) and St Benedict’s Abbey in Vaals (NL). His goal is to create a contemporary Way of the Cross together with Michelle van Asperen and Jacques Spee. They work in the chapel of Saint Gregor in Steyl Venlo NL and in there Atelier in Obbicht NL.

 Atelier DICX Kapel St.Gregor
 Sint Michaëlstraat 4d 5935 BL Steyl, NL

Send an email dickevers@dickevers.com if you would like to visit us.


DICX Way of the Cross:

















Foto’s: Egon Notermans


The pictures of the making of DICX Way of the Cross:

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DICX de Puddingfabriek

Galerie de Puddingfabriek is closed on January 1, 2020.
Galerie de Puddingfabriek was located in the heart of Venlo’s city center. It’s part of a beautifully renovated 15th century monument, owned by the Pasch Brothers.
Here international artists exhibit contemporary art, selected by artist, curator, owner/ entrepeneur and Feng Shui adept Dick Evers.
Galerie de Puddingfabriek
Houtstraat 9 – 11 – NL  5911 JB Venlo