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If you don’t know where you’re going
Any road will take you there
George Harrison

Feng shui is de meer dan 3000 jaar oude filosofie die leert hoe je omgeving je geluk kan beïnvloeden.

Dick Evers, Feng Shui expert, houdt lezingen, workshops en spreekuur.

Voor wie: mensen die willen ontdekken wat Feng Shui voor hen kan betekenen.

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Wat kun je ermee bereiken:
Je welvaart verbeteren
Je relaties verbeteren
Je werkomstandigheden verbeteren
Beter functioneren van je bedrijf
Algemeen welzijn beïnvloeden
Je familie- en vriendenbanden verbeteren
Betere beslissingen nemen
Onroerend goed verkoopbaarder maken
Rust bereiken
Het geluk in uw huis en / of bedrijf verbeteren

Wanneer heeft het geen zin het spreekuur te bezoeken:
Indien je met Feng Shui een loterij wil winnen.
Indien je niet zelf wil investeren in een oplossing.
Indien je te sceptisch t.o.v. Feng Shui bent.

Dick Evers spreekt Nederlands, Engels en Duits.

Dick Evers

Feng Shui describes how people are and can be formed by the outward influences of the living environment and surroundings. Once the Chinese did choose the two main manifestations of nature, wind and water. The wind was considered as the gently swaying sky bode. She blows the auspicious and fertility bestowing clouds to mankind bringing water.

Wind and water represent the most powerful natural phenomena, which are often difficult to curb. Therefore, one should agree to be on good terms with these natural phenomena.

Feng Shui has different schools. The main schools are:

The School of Forms

This part of Feng Shui lies the accent on the form of the elements that surround you on the flow direction of water and, above all, by carefully determining and gaining insight into the flow of positive energy, called Chi. According to this school, good Feng Shui locations require the presence of the Dragon. Where the real Green Dragon can be found, there will also be the White Tiger.
Feng Shui masters who adhere to this school, begin their search for favorable locations by first searching for the Dragon. Thus, great emphasis is placed on landforms, the place, form and direction of waterways. The school of Forms approach is simple and profound.

The best place for your desk is the power position. You make good decisions and you work easier.

The School of the Compass

The school of the compass emphasizes certain calculations involving the directions of the compass.

The Bagua consists of 8 sections each with its own meaning. This Bagua can be layed on plot, building, space or furniture. At the Classic school the focus of the Bagua is on the compass directions, at the Modern school the focus is on the entrance. Unlike the school of the forms, the compass school attaches little value to figuration of the landscape. Instead they rely on complex calculations and symbolic associations. However, it is important to see that no matter how good the compass indications are, good Feng Shui cannot be achieved if the landscape in general shows some really harmful forms. Thanks to Anja de Kleijn for assistance.

Feng Shui has 5 elements. Water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each element has its own values, colours and properties. Each element also raises its own form and symbol. Each job and every human being has its own element. Feng Shui has many element series but the most commonly used are the positive and negative cycle.